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As a choreographer, I coalesce art and entertainment to explore themes of femininity, sensuality, and women’s empowerment. I strive to inspire reverence for femininity by demonstrating that women can simultaneously be sensual, intelligent, and multidimensional. Using an iconoclastic approach to both ballet and burlesque, my work highlights the dichotomy of these two styles by taking them into unconventional performance venues. My projects often encompass other artistic mediums alongside dance to further support this vision and increase its accessibility. 


I grew up in the ballet world and developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and truth this art form reflects. Ballet was my first love and I will always be mesmerized by the refined technique and soft, feminine energy it exudes. As I got older, I had difficulty accepting ballet’s strict expectations of how women should look and behave, which is ultimately a magnification of society’s hypercritical attitude towards women. Women in today’s society are taught to hate their bodies and shown that bold women are not well-liked. 


When I discovered burlesque, I learned to celebrate my individuality and use my voice. Women often use the word “empowering” to explain their affinity towards sensual dance styles. I believe what makes it empowering is the act of rebellion. We get to celebrate our bodies, our femininity, and our sensuality without anyone’s permission. Accepting and even loving your "flaws" as a woman goes against the grain in a capitalistic, patriarchal society. It makes us much harder to control or profit off of.


There is currently not much crossover between professional ballet and burlesque, and in the bigger picture, between art and entertainment. This does a disservice to both industries as well as audiences because crucial opportunities to learn from one another are missed. Artists are excellent at delving into their concepts in order to provoke thought and inspire change. Entertainers, on the other hand, are skilled at adapting their work to fit a wide variety of venues and events, thus reaching more people and pushing the boundaries of their craft. My vision is to combine sophisticated, thoughtful art with the packaging of entertainment to reach a broader audience, encourage more meaningful connections, and create a more sustainable business model for artists. Accomplishing this will have a positive ripple effect that reaches the root of many problems we face in modern day society.

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